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VNRC News – Building Community-Based Energy in Europe


MariVNRC is working in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation to bring two European community energy experts to Vermont at the end of April — and to a public forum on April 27 in Burlington.

The goal is to connect these experts with as many Vermonters as possible to learn what we can about their small-town, community-owned renewable energy revolution. They are using cooperative and community-owned models to develop renewable energy, and more and more people are realizing the economic benefits, including well-paying jobs, tax revenues and strengthened community engagement.

VNRC’s goal is to better understand what’s working and whether we could adopt some of the same approaches in Vermont. Click here to learn more about the Heinrich Boll Foundation and plan to attend one of the three events — April 23 in Brattleboro, April 24 in Hanover and April 27 in Burlington.

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