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Thermal Efficiency on Life Support – Help!

Good morning wonderful community energy leaders,

I wanted to send a quick personal email to let you know that the heating efficiency bill we all know needs to pass is literally on life support. According to H.216’s lead sponsors — Chair and Vice Chair of the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee, Tony Klein and Margaret Cheney — lawmakers have not/are not hearing from their constituents that Vermonters want the state to prioritize investment in heating efficiency. Despite the fact that they heard from many of you, personally, when you testified in Feb to this very issue, it’s clear they need a louder drumbeat.

Can you take 5 minutes and call your Rep and Senator and ask them to support H.216 and, importantly, find the essential funding source to implement the programs we need. No one can speak to this issue better than you, as community energy committee members, but I’m pasting some background and potential talking points below.

Also, please check out a quick 4-minute video we shot with Chair and Vice Chair Klein and Cheney on this issue yesterday — it’s at They ask energy and climate leaders to make their voice heard ASAP and have a strong call to action.

Please share this video and this call to action widely! I’m sending this personally to a few of you but appreciate your help in sharing with your energy committee and anyone else you know who doesn’t want to let this opportunity pass for all the climate, cost and energy savings we know it will bring!

(NOTE: The bill is changing constantly, but if you want a copy of the latest I can send it to you… I just didn’t want to send all a PDF… Thanks)

Thanks for all you do and have a great Wednesday,

Johanna Miller
Energy Program Director and VECAN Coordinator
Vermont Natural Resources Council

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