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Senate vote this week on Keystone XL — how Vermont can help

From 350.0rg:


Big oil is back at it — they’re trying to get Congress to force President Obama to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

We found out that there’s a vote scheduled for this week that could determine the fate of the pipeline, and it will probably come down to a close vote in the Senate.

Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders have stood with us against the pipeline before, and we need to make sure they do so again.

A lot is on the line with this vote — can you give them a call now to ask them to oppose any attempt to build the pipeline?

Here are the numbers to call:

  • Sen. Leahy – (202) 224-4242
  • Sen. Sanders – (202) 224-5141

When you call, here’s a suggestion for what to say:

I am calling in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. Americans have mobilized in historic numbers against it, and the Senator must stand with us, not big oil, and vote against any legislation that forces approval of the pipeline.

Then, click here to report your call and share this call to action:

There’s a reason big oil is fighting dirty to get this pipeline approved: because they know there is a powerful movement in this country to stop the pipeline and all it represents. They’re relying on their best-paid representatives in Congress to push the pipeline, and putting pressure on everyone else to follow suit.

After more than 40,000 people filled the streets of Washington, and hundreds of thousands more have spoken out against the pipeline, there is no reason any Senator should be backing big oil and supporting Keystone XL.

It’s important that Senators like Sens. Leahy and Sanders stand strong right now. Can you make a call now?

  • Sen. Leahy – (202) 224-4242
  • Sen. Sanders – (202) 224-5141

Onwards to stop the pipeline,

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