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Chittenden Solid Waste District in April

April is Compost Month!

What makes your garbage smelly? Food scraps. What helps plants grow tall and strong? Food scraps! Yep, those same food scraps some of you are still sending to the landfill are actually a source of valuable nutrients. We have dubbed the month of April “Compost Month,” a time to celebrate the role that food scraps, yard debris, and compost play in the local-food cycle right here in our community.

We all know why we keep resources like paper, plastic, and metal out of the landfill: Because they are valuable resources, plain and simple. The same goes for food scraps. When you bring them to any CSWD Drop-Off Center or Green Mountain Compost in Williston, or compost them in your own backyard, you’re helping recycle those resources into rich, black compost that gets tilled right back into the gardens that feed our community.

We’re taking the month of April to shed some light on the compost cycle and your role in keeping it going. Come help us celebrate Compost Month!

April 1 to December 31: Take the Compost Challenge! Starting Monday, April 1, pick up a FREE Composting Challenge punch card at any CSWD Drop-Off Center or Green Mountain Compost, get 5 punches for bringing in your food scraps, and you could be a winner!

April 15, 16, 22 or 23: FREE Backyard Composting Workshop at Green Mountain Compost (5-6 p.m. at 1042 Redmond Rd., Williston). Space is limited: Registration required. Learn how easy it is to harness the forces of nature and turn food scraps into soil-building compost for you lawn and garden–right in your own backyard!

April 16, 18, 23 or 25: FREE Green Mountain Compost facility tour (12-1 p.m. at 1042 Redmond Rd., Williston). Space is limited: Registration required. See how we work with fungi, bugs, microbes–and you!–to turn food scraps and yard debris into a nutrient-rich, soil-building compost. This innovative composting facility takes a special recipe of community food scraps and yard debris, mixes it in a giant blender, stirs it with earth-moving machinery, and creates the perfect environment for the microbes to take over the task of turning it all into rich, black compost.

April 25: FREE showing of “Dirt! The Movie” (6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps West Monitor Barn, 1949 Rt. 2, Richmond) A movie with heart and soil: Learn how people around the world celebrate their love of the thin crust of earth that sustains us. Food, raffle prizes, and more! Bring your own cup and bowl for popcorn and cider to help keep the event zero-waste.

All year ’round: SoilSavers for sale! These backyard compost bins have been flying out the door and landing in backyards all over Chittenden County, keeping food scraps out of the landfill and in use as compost. Pick one up for $47 at Green Mountain Compost.

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