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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

An open letter to the members of the Vermont State Senate

Senators of Vermont;

We at Green Energy Times are passionate about energy. We are passionate about global warming. We have been working on these issues for years, studying, writing, and letting people know everything we can that will move us to a better world. It is hard work, with long hours at low pay, but we believe it is important. Indeed, we believe it is vital.

We firmly believe that the people of Vermont need more information than they have, and we intend to see that they get it. What they need more information about, however, is not wind generators. It is global warming. Most people in our country do not understand what global warming will do, even in the near future. Please consider the following:

  • The New England Aquarium has an article on global warming at its web site. In the article, there is a discussion of the hundred year flood. This is the worst flood that can be expected in any given place in any given hundred years. They say that by mid century, what we currently call a hundred year flood will happen every two to four years in parts of New England. FEMA will not have funds to bail Vermont out. We will have to clean up after Hurricane Irene twice every decade without help. What will that cost? Who will fund it?
  • The CIA says that global warming, caused by carbon emissions, will be a major problem for US security, as more and more wars happen. They will be caused by wide-spread lack of access to food and water.
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the four largest accounting houses in the world, issued a report on global warming as a guide for clients. The report has been called apocalyptic.
  • In Vermont, we have to be prepared to lose all our hemlocks, the third largest group of trees in the forests. That, however, is just the beginning. All our conifers are at risk. All our deciduous trees are at risk except the oaks and hickories. This comes from a large variety of pathogens, all propelled by global warming. This means our beautiful forests will have large stands of dead trees in them. Destruction to our trees means probable loss of maple syrup, and fall colors, and possibly even of apples.
  • The World Wildlife Foundation says we will see half of our wildlife species become extinct during this century. Vermont will lose its fair share of wildlife species to global warming.

The short version of this is that by the middle of the 21st century, Vermont as we know it will not exist. It will be a recollection of something in another age. Skiing, maple syrup, cider, fall colors, hiking in vibrant woods, beautiful views, wildlife, and covered bridges are all likely to be a dream that has vanished, possibly by 2050.

We want to point out that the middle of the 21st century is only 37 years away, and most people currently living in Vermont are expected still to be alive at that time. Global warming is not a legacy we are leaving to our grandchildren. It is damage we are doing to ourselves.

We believe that when the people of Vermont really understand what mainstream science says global warming is doing to our state, they will not put up with the senate politely discussing how long to think about doing something before they act. They will regard Senate Bill 30 as an insult to both mankind and nature. They will be demanding immediate, decisive action. We, at Green Energy Times, intend to do everything we can to see to it that the people understand the plight misguided leadership can lead them into, before it is too late, before the damage is even worse than expected.

We strenuously oppose Senate Bill 30, and we will continue to oppose any legislation that will delay the decisive action on global warming this state needs.


Nancy Rae Mallery and all the staff at Green Energy Times

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