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New Administrator(s) Needed for Transition Vermont Website

Greetings folks, just wanted to reach out to the Transition Vermont community to let folks know that I would like to step down from my post as Transition Vermont administrator by the end of February. To that end, I want to hand the reigns to someone else, ideally someone who’s an active member of one or more Transition Initiatives within the state.

The new person would work with the other active TVT administrator Joan Bowman to keep the website working and manage membership. Day-to-day duties are pretty minimal, mainly involving approving (or not) new memberships and occasionally helping members manage their groups or moderating discussions on our forum. I’d estimate that the time requirement runs about 30 minutes per week, tops.

If you’re interested in taking on the duties as Transition Vermont Administrator, please reach out to either myself or Joan Bowman through the website.


Eric Garza

Visit Transition Vermont at:

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