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Join the biggest tar sands protest the northeast has ever seen!

350 New England is organizing

1/26 Tar Sands Free Northeast Actions

ExxonMobil is gearing up to move dirty tar sands oil east through Ontario and Quebec into New England to reach a shipping port in Portland, Maine. But the people of eastern Canada and New England have their own plan and are are forming a wall of opposition to keep the east tar sands free.

Solidarity actions in the US and Canada continue on January 26th!   Find an action in your area.

The message here is simple:

  • Canada’s National Energy Board must hear the will of the people and deny approval of this pipeline plan
  • President Obama must keep Tar Sands out of New England by refusing to issue this pipeline a new Presidential Permit.

This will be the largest cross-border pipeline action the northeast has ever seen! To learn more, click this link:

1/26 Tar Sands Free Northeast Actions

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