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The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BE13

BuildingEnergy (BE) is the most established, most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high-performance building conference and trade show in the northeastern United States. NESEA’s flagship program, it’s an annual intergenerational gathering of professionals for three days of networking, accredited educational sessions, collaboration, and a high-level trade show. NESEA members drive the content from questions that come up in their professional lives – from ‘what type of heating system makes sense for this low load building’ to ‘how do we plan more resilient neighborhoods’? It’s a place to shape a vision of a sustainable built environment and to do the whole systems thinking it will take to get there. It’s rigorous—no greenwashing here—and it’s a blast.

Browse the Invitation to Attend Online here, or go to the Media Kit to download .pdf copies.

Link: BuildingEnergy 2013

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