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Training Coordinators Announced for 200 MW Solar Project

H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems Inc. and Vaughn Industries LLC today announced project managers and coordinators for the 200 MW solar distributed energy project in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.

The project managers and coordinators are in charge of recruiting and training local workers in all aspects of renewable energy as well as the oversight and management of the project.

Vaughn Industries Division Manager Brian Tschanen, is in charge of the project team with training coordinator and project manager Donald Woody, and project design coordinator Jim Roche.

Over 700 residents are expected to receive training and be hired to complete the project. Vaughn is in the process of establishing permanent offices in Vermont for which it will hire no fewer than 400 of the trainees for permanent positions with the company.

Solar mountings manufacturer Orion Solar Racking of California is also in the process of establishing new manufacturing facilities in Vermont, which will create even more jobs and serve to keep things local.

The 200 MW solar distributed-generation project, designed to ensure that Vermont will be reach its goal of self-sustainability with 90% locally generated renewable energy, is the largest solar project under development in New England, the first to be fully built by local workers and to utilize all US-manufactured modules, mountings and inverters. The interconnection facilities and point for the project to be determined by ISO NE are also expected to be built by Vaughn Industries using the locally trained workers.


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