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Tips to Saving Transportation Fuel and Money

★      You might be surprised how many of your neighbors are already carpooling and have room for one more. Did you know that owning and operating a car, on average, is about $9,000 per year? To help you save a ton of money, share a ride at least twice a week and get started at or any of the NH connecting options in our Smart Commuting in NH & VT Options on p.4.

★      Encourage your kids to walk, bicycle, or at least take the school bus. Many communities report that morning and afternoon peak hour workday traffic is now generated by parents driving their children to/from school. Afraid of the risks?

★      Remember that we need to build more reliable, practical, cost effective public transportation in the U.S. Write your legislator and congressional leaders to encourage and support a strong public transportation agenda.

★      Ask your supervisor about telecommuting one day a week or more.  Doesn’t work for all jobs, but can work for some. A couple of days a week or consider a shortened/condensed schedule. Figure out how much your daily commute is costing you, and offer to reduce your next pay raise by half that amount.

★      Don’t wait until next May for “the Way to Go! Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Day.” Bicycle commuting may be more practical than you think. Consider a bike/bus commute. Many buses now have bike racks. If they don’t, consider asking them how you can help to get bike racks on your buses. See this website for more bike commuting tips and information:






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