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How Americans Feel about Power Technologies

Pike Research, a division of Navigant Consulting, has released a report on a poll, conducted to find how Americans feel about power technologies and related issues. Among the findings were the following:

  • The most popular energy source is solar, with 69% favorable and 7% unfavorable.
  • A close second is wind, with 66% favorable and 10% unfavorable.
  • No other listed energy source received higher than 42% favorable, which was the rating of clean coal. Nuclear power got 41% and biofuel got 39% favorable ratings.
  • The greatest number of unfavorable ratings went to nuclear, with 20%. Biofuel got 12% and clean coal got 11%.

The people who supported solar and wind most strongly included those who were most highly educated, those who had the highest electric bills, and those who were older. People with lesser incomes and lower electric bills were more inclined not to have opinions on energy, but nearly all demographic groups showed over 50% support for solar and wind.

The Pike Research white paper can be downloaded as a .pdf file by using this link: “Energy & Environment Consumer Survey.”

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