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Highfields Center for Composting in the Final Stretch of Fundraising

We’re Closing In with 8 Days to Go!  Join Jasper Hill Farm and Concept2 Rowing in Developing Compost Heat

Thank you!  With your support Highfields’ Compost Heat Recovery Research System hit 87% of our fundraising goal today!  We are in the final stretch with 8 days remaining in the campaign –  We need your help more than ever to complete this campaign successfully – as you know, Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition.

We set out with the belief that our communities possess resources, abundance and capacity to nourish ourselves and chart our own destiny.  Within all of this we also know we must be able to self-fund this work and make social investments in innovation and R&D. Your support has validated this idea.  If you can help us dig in for this last stretch, we can complete this campaign successfully.  Here’s what you can do:

  1. Get involved!  If you haven’t pledged your support for compost heat recovery yet, we hope you will join us today.  We need you.  If you’ve pledged – THANK YOU!
  2. Share this campaign and video  with your co-workers, your families, your friends.  Help us continue to reach out and engage others who may find grassroots renewable energy innovation compelling.
  3. Consider increasing your pledge.  Our goal is to engage a broad community in our campaign and we are thrilled to have the full spectrum of pledges from $5-$2,500.  If you can give more to help us close this final gap, we’d sure appreciate it.

Recently two local businesses have expressed their commitment to regenerative communities.  Jasper Hill Farm , a local dairy, cheese-maker and affineur (person who ages cheese) and Concept2 , a local indoor rowing machine and oar manufacturer for the international rowing market have both made pledges to the campaign, expressing their on going leadership in supporting community development and agriculture. 

We are particularly excited to have two local businesses who are leaders in their fields and true innovators behind us.  Concept2 has long been a leader in international rowing design and technology, while running a progressive company and investing in our communities for decades.  Concept 2 has been a long time supporter of Highfields.  Jasper Hill has national recognition for its award winning cheeses and is innovating the aging and distribution of artisan cheese in the US.  Recently Jasper Hill began capturing heat from their compost in a dynamic, cutting edge ‘Green Machine’ that includes composting, compost heat recovery, small-scale methane digestion and botanical water treatment systems.  Andy Kehler, co-founder and co-owner of Jasper Hill reflects, “We are excited about opportunities to maintain and support the working landscape with practices that build soil and create renewable sources of energy.  We hope others will join in this effort and support compost heat research and development.”

With support from many individuals and exciting organizations, we can reach this goal and bring compost heat forward!  Let’s finish this strong!  

Thank you.

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