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Congratulations to Highfields Center for Composting          802 472 5138

You’ve Done it – We have reached our goal!  Thanks to all of you we have surpassed our fundraising goal and raised $40,336 to develop our compost heat recovery research system!

It has been a tremendously exciting two months building up to this moment, and we can say with no uncertainty that our success was possible only with the tremendous generosity of a great many people and organizations. Individuals came out to support this work in bold and selfless ways.  Many of our partnering organizations were incredibly creative, open-hearted, and shoulder-to-shoulder with us in sharing this project and otherwise supporting it.

In addition to the over 300 individuals who have pledged their generous support, we would like to thank a couple of individuals for their specific partnership:
– Adam Maurer, our awesome indie filmmaker who made our beautiful video,
– Bill McKibben, for his endorsement of compost heat and his tireless efforts to stem the tide of global warming,
– Brian Pendergast, our long time graphic designer who produced our wonderful posters hung throughout Vermont, Mass., and in Brooklyn.
– Suzanne Podhaizer, of Salt Café , a daring food maven inspired to cook in compost,
– Jerry Greenfield, for his generosity and leadership in helping close the campaign, as well as his long time leadership in socially-responsible enterprise,
– Eric Agnero, for his assistance in promoting fundraising events and robust and energetic MCing of the D’Moja show at P Pie, and
– Dan Giangreco, who provided us with guidance as we navigated the Kickstarter process.

We have been gratified by the leadership of:

Concept 2 Rowing
Buffalo Mountain Coop
Clean Yield Assets
Jasper Hill Farm
Agrilab Technologies of North America
Positive Pie

And the incredible support of :

VPIRG Compost Power
Green Energy Times
Pete’s Greens
Center for an Agricultural Economy
Sterling College
Galaxy Bookstore
People’s United Bank
Good Food

And innumerous other great organizations and individuals that helped us share this campaign far and wide.

As we wrap up the campaign we are reminded of how blessed we are to find ourselves in a supportive, visionary, mutualistic, bold, fun, diverse and curious community.  You are an inspired bunch and we are further motivated by your commitment to a sensible future.  With the upcoming holiday Highfields has a lot to be thankful for, and we hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Thanks for everyone’s support, generosity and vision.  Together we will bring new sources of local, renewable energy from compost heat to widespread application.  We look forward to sharing our progress with you. THANK YOU!

In partnership,
Tom, Karen, James, Noah, Tyler, Alex, Echo, Julian, Bonnie, and the Highfields Board of Directors

Our mailing address is:

Highfields Center for Composting
PO Box 503
21 Mill Street, Suite 2
Hardwick, VT 05843

Copyright © 2012 Highfields Center for Composting, All rights reserved.

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