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Air Sealing Presentation by Tom Perry

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The Importance of Building Science and Systems

Presented by Tom Perry
BSR Board President / New Leaf Design

Monday, November 26, 2012

6:30pm-9:00pm presentation will begin at 7pm

On the Rise Bakery – Richmond, VT

“How tight is too tight?”  Is it important for buildings to “breathe”? 

At this topic meeting, we will try to look at these questions in a new way, which hopefully will provide some real answers to help us to make our houses more comfortable, more efficient, and easier to heat – without compromising air quality.  The presentation will cover:

  • The value of building science and testing, what you need to know is pretty basic.
  • The importance of controlling the airflow through the envelope as much as possible.
  • Basic air-sealing specifics
  • Typical (and perhaps atypical) thermal by-passes
  • Health and safety consequences of this kind of work — both for the building and the occupants.
  • Vermont Energy Code
Who should attend?
Carpenters, Remodelers, Builders, Architects, Weekend Warriors – anyone who would like to better understand how airflow in a building can positively or negatively impact the quality of the environment inside, and the building itself.

Free – Open to the Public Presentation & Discussion

RSVP / 802.735.2192

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These topic meeting are organized by Building for Social Responsibility – working to promote green building strategies in Vermont through education and innovative outreach programs.  Support green building efforts like these by becoming a member today.  Click here for more information.

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