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Energy Awareness Day in Andover

Andover Energy Matters

This Saturday: Energy Awareness Day in Andover:

Spend an Hour, Save a Buck

Got a couple of free hours this Saturday?  The time you spend could save you hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars in future energy costs.  And you could help ease the nation’s dependency on fossil fuels at the same time.

The event:  Andover Energy Awareness Day.  The time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, November 3.  The places:  all around town, as listed below. 

During that time, plan to visit a few of your Andover neighbors who have invested in alternative-energy sources and energy-efficiency projects, and learn from them, in their own words, what they’ve done, how they did it, what it cost, and how they’re benefiting. 

Or drop by the Town Hall parking lot and have a look at an array of fuel-efficient vehicles, including the newest offerings byToyota, Honda, Ford and Hyundai, being brought to Andover by the Grappone Automotive Group of Concord. While there, grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut in the Town Hall meeting room, pick up some literature on energy-saving products and projects, and watch a slide show about a local geothermal energy installation.

Or pay a visit to building-materials supplier R. P. Johnson & Son, at 10 Mill Road, and have a look at a special one-day display of products and tools that can help you reduce your home heating bill this winter.

The line-up of participants, and what they’ll be showcasing: 

Solar hot-water installation:  Mary Anne Broshek, 76 Shaw Hill Rd.
High-efficiency propane furnace:  Highland Lake Inn, 32 Maple St., E. Andover
Solar hot-water installation: Steve and Gisela Darling, 206 Bridge Street
Geothermal heating and cooling (slide show): Town Hall meeting room
Solar electricity and hot water: Bart and Liz Green, 140 Maple St., E. Andover
Straw bale house: Heide and Eric Johnson, 224 Tucker Mt. Rd., E. Andover
Solar electricity and hot water, biodiesel Volkswagen: Ken and Lee Wells, 92 Maple St., E. Andover
Biomass (wood) heating facility, geothermal heating and cooling:  Proctor Academy (NOTE: Special tours at 11:30 a.m.and 1:30 p.m., meet at Village Green at chapel)
Products and tools for energy efficiency:  R. P. Johnson hardware store
Energy-efficient vehicles: Town Hall parking lot

Andover Energy Awareness Day is being organized by the Andover Energy Group, an informal local organization interested in promoting alternative-energy sources and energy-efficiency measures in the Andover area.  Local residents interested in joining the group or receiving occasional energy-related e-mailed information may contact Larry Chase at


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