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Co-op Power Announces the Launch of the Community Solar and Biodiesel 2012 Campaign!

Hatfield, MA  

Co-op Power is hosting a celebratory Open House and Potluck, Monday, October 15th from 4-7PM at Co-op Power’s Common Office 15A West Street, West Hatfield, MA. 

These are very exciting times for Co-op Power! Catapulting off the momentum of their Annual Meeting in September, and in honor of Co-op Month in the International Year of Cooperatives, Co-op Power is launching a Fall Community Solar and Biodiesel Campaign to recruit 100 new members. Every new member will help support the final stages of construction on Northeast Biodiesel and our Community Solar Project at the Brattleboro Food Co-op. President and CEO, Lynn Benander, states, “The best way to keep our energy resources in our communities is to have them owned by the community so that they’re here for generations to come.”  To that affect, Co-op Power is working diligently to finish its plans for construction of a biodiesel plant in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Details are now being finalized so that Co-op Power can build out the office space, install the pumps and pipes to connect the tanks and the processor with intake and offtake systems, and get electricity and heat where they need to go. Northeast Biodiesel aims to begin production this winter.

Additionally, Co-op Power partnered with the Brattleboro Food Coop, located in Brattleboro Vermont on a Community Solar project.  The solar panels were installed in September.  “This project has been so exciting for us as it has given us the opportunity to provide 30.5 Kilowatt community solar system for the Brattleboro Food Co-op while implementing a wonderfully flexible loan from Equity Trust.  This loan has given us the ability to have the hardware going up as we raise the equity and loan funds to buy down the loan.  It’s the best of all worlds, and gets the Brattleboro Food Co-op their solar electricity as soon as possible,” states Benander. The co-op’s array should be up and running by their grand opening on November 10th.

Co-op Power would also like it to be known that they have moved their offices to Hatfield to better accommodate their growth. This event is a great opportunity to view their showroom and wonderful new offices. The open house, will be held on Monday, October 15 from 4:00-7:00pm at 15A West Street (on Routes 5&10 in Hatfield, just north of River Valley Market). Come meet Co-op Power’s board, staff, and members; learn about their projects, products, and services;  and learn about volunteer opportunities. Participants will also hear presentations about the progress of Northeast Biodiesel and our Community Solar Project in Brattleboro, VT. Please bring a dish to this potluck gathering. 

To learn more about Co-op Power, visit

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