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CalcoGreen Launches a New Website Service

CalcoGreen, a Strategic Partner in the Renewable Energy & Efficiency Markets,

 Expands its Team and Launches a New Website Featuring its CalcoGreenEdge Program

October 15, 2012 (Waitsfield, VT):  CalcoGreen LLC, headquartered in Waitsfield, VT is proud to announce the launch of its new website  Founded in 2010, CalcoGreen LLC was created to address the gap between clean energy developers and funding sources in the distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency market in North America.  The new website highlights CalcoGreen’s value added financing support services like their CalcoGreenEdge program, and the successful projects the program has delivered for its clients, as well as featuring industry news and updates and profiles of the company’s expanded team.

Securing capital for renewable energy and efficiency projects in the current economy and in an emerging market can be a challenging and daunting process.  CalcoGreen strives to be a guiding beacon toward real solutions for integrators and manufacturers that are occupying this space.   The new website will allow for renewable energy and energy efficiency integrators to sign up for our support services as well as educate themselves to the various funding options that exist, available incentives, and shifting energy policies.  CalcoGreen’s website also has new profiles of its growing and talented team who are poised to offer the best in customer service and expertise in the renewable energy, efficiency and finance markets.

CalcoGreen supports the widespread implementation of clean energy systems around the world.  We accomplish this by delivering innovative renewable energy and efficiency financing support services like the CalcoGreenEdge program to clean energy developers, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers while providing specialized evaluation services for product and project investors.  Our partnerships with funders and lenders, our in-depth renewable energy experience and knowledge, as well as our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service and support, make CalcoGreen a solutions focused company with a proven record of success.  Build more projects, faster with CalcoGreen.

For more information about CalcoGreen visit or call Eve Frankel, EVP Marketing,  at 802 595 5000

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