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Highfields Center for Composting needs help developing compost heat recovery          802 472 5138

You’re making it happen! We need your help to reach our goal and develop compost heat recovery!

We’re on our way! Thanks to all of the folks that have stepped up for grassroots, renewable energy innovation, we’re 10% of the way to our goal!  We want to nail 25% by next Wednesday and we need your help. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Kickstarter page yet, check it outtoday! Get involved and be a leader in new solutions for local heat and agriculture. Share this project with your list serves, groups, friends and family, and let them know how they can get involved. On Kickstarter your pledge is only charged to your credit card if we succeed, and we only succeed if we reach our fundraising goal.

We can’t do this alone. Our ability to raise these funds will be based on our community’s excitement about compost heat, your willingness to get involved, and your help in sharing the effort with the people who trust you.

Let’s make compost heat come together for widespread use!

Tom Gilbert

Any detritivores receiving this e-mail are either friends of Highfields, community builders, soil builders, farmers, or food systems activists. Thanks for building regenerative farm and food systems!

Our mailing address is:
Highfields Center for Composting
PO Box 503
21 Mill Street, Suite 2
Hardwick, VT 05843

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