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Way to Go! Commuter Challenge – 2012 Results are in!

Participation Grows Statewide: 

Businesses and Communities take home awards

July 31, 2012. Way to Go! Statewide Commuter Challenge organizers are pleased to honor several businesses and communities for their participation in the 2012 Commuter Challenge.  The Way to Go! Commuter Challenge is an annual statewide event promoting more economical, environmentally friendlier, and safer alternatives to driving solo. Individuals, schools, businesses and communities throughout the state participated in the week-long program this past May.  Results from 2012 also can be viewed at our website:

This was an exciting event this year with over 250 towns in Vermont and neighboring states, and over 400 organizations and businesses competing for both recognition awards and the Way To Go! Carbon Cup. “Overall, 2012 saw a marked growth in participation statewide with 80% of Vermont cities and towns now engaged, along with over 60 towns from outside the state,” explained Tom Horn, 2012 manager for the program.  More than 3,500 folks pledged to use cheaper, healthier, and more earth-friendly transportation alternatives to driving alone. Together commuters saved over 300,000 vehicle miles for the week and nearly $70,000 in transportation costs while reducing CO2 emissions by close to 300,000 pounds.  All in one week!

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“We are very pleased with the continued growth of the Way To Go! Commuter Challenge this year and impressed by the level of commitment from communities, businesses and schools. Vermonters clearly recognize the impact of our transportation choices on our environment and communities and want to contribute personally to explore ways to make those choices more sustainable,” commented Ross MacDonald, Go Vermont Program Manager at Vermont Agency of Transportation, a leading partner in the program along with the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.

Each year, Way To Go! presents a number of “Recognition Awards” to communities and businesses that achieve a high proportion of employee participation in the program.  A list of this year’s award recipients is provided with this release. In addition, for just the second year, Way To Go! offers the Carbon Cup, an award that goes to only one community and to one small business (under 100 employees) and one large business (100+ employees).  The award is based not only on participation, but also on the per person reduction of CO2 emissions realized during the Way To Go! Challenge.  Last year’s community Carbon Cup went to Montpelier, but this year the Carbon Cup will move to Vergennes, with Montpelier a close second.  In the business categories, AllEarth Renewables will keep ownership of the cup in the small business category, while the cup will reside with Vermont Teddy Bear Company in the large business category.

A new Carbon Cup trophy was created this year for schools that participated in Way To Go! through the Vermont Safe Routes to School program.  Among the many schools active in the Safe Routes program, the trophy was awarded this year to the Moretown Elementary School for its outstanding levels of participation during the Way To Go! week.  The trophy was presented to the school this year at an end of year assembly.

Way To Go! is hosted by:
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
128 Lakeside Ave.  #401
Burlington, VT 05401

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