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Join Human Oil Spill @ Governor’s Conference Public Event · By 350 Vermont

Sunday, July 29, 2012 • 2:00 pm

Join hundreds of people converging in Burlington, VT to make a GIANT HUMAN OIL SPILL at the New England Governor’s Conference!

You’ve probably also heard: New England’s governors & Canadian premiers are meeting in late July in Burlington, VT to discuss the future of energy in our region. Right now Tar Sands oil transportation isn’t even on the agenda. Let’s change that.

Wear a black t-shirt & clothing to create an oil spill motif.
Where: Gather at Battery Park – 2pm EST, Sunday, 29th.
Part of ‘Converge on the Conference’

Route of the Portland-Maine Pipeline

If you are not familiar with the whole story, please go to our coverage of this Tar Sands Trail-blazer problem in the current June 15th Issue of Green Energy Times (downloadable here from our ‘current issues’ link’ right here on our home page) — front cover story called ‘Vermonters Gear Up to Shut the Door on Tar Sands Expansion in the Northeast’, continued on page 24 (please disregard the ‘Cont’d on page 1’ error at that point on page 1 where the article is continued to the inside on pg 24).

Also please read the reality of an actual oil spill that DID happen in the NEK in 1952. Full story is also on pg 24 of same issue.

One more reality check comes with a statement that was brought to our attention by a local environmental lawyer regarding the exclusion of Petroleum based cleanup responsibilities:

“In very broad terms, if oil were to leak from a pipeline into a water body, then there are a couple of federal statutes which may be triggered. The Clean Water Act (CWA) provides for a civil penalty for the unpermitted discharge of oil into navigable waters, and also requires the responsible party to pay for removal and damages. The CWA also imposes a reporting requirement in the event of a spill. Likewise, the Oil Pollution Act imposes liability when oil is discharged into navigable waters. However, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, which imposes liability for the release of hazardous substances and provides for their clean up, would likely not apply because it excludes petroleum from the definition of ‘hazardous substances.’” – Rebecca Wagner, environmental Lawyer.” – Rebecca A. Wagner, Esq.

I hope we can pull together many carpools from anywhere that requires additional driving to attend this – please contact us if you plan to participate from the Bradford area! Important to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible when we find the need to take a stand – let’s all work together to not drive individually to this important event! Carpool or share, Ride the bus, take the train, ride a bike, walk, rollerblade… but be there! go to: for instant online ride matching in the upper valley. See their ad on pg. 3 of the June 15th Issue of Green Energy Times!


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