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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Wind power is a great alternative to fracking

June 30, 2012

Dear Editor:

While in the process of looking for real estate in Vermont, I noticed on the front page of a newspaper a controversy over a windmill project on Grandpa’s Knob.

I have done some research on windmills in the effort to bring them to my New York State town of Butternuts. For you see our town is in the process of enacting a ban on hydrofracking by the oil and natural gas industry.

The residents of Butternuts understand that in this world of ever dwindling fossil fuels and breaking our dependency on foreign energy we would be hypocrites to ban one energy source without finding another.

I am not telling the residents of Vermont how to think about renewable energy. I will make one point clear though. I would give anything at this moment in time to have Governor Shumlin sitting in NYS Governor Cuomo’s seat.

Governor Shumlin protected your beautiful Green Mt. State from all of the contaminating, water intensive, compulsory integrating and storage of Flowback waste by the oil and gas industry by banning fracking.

For more information on fracking visit your local library and check-out the documentary Gasland.
Thank you for considering this letter,

Mrs. Tammy Reiss
Town of Butternuts, N.Y.

Mrs. Reiss is an avid reader of Green Energy Times and has shared many copies of our publication, including our recent April 15th Issue — which includes the front cover article “Fracking Dilemma” by Pat Parenteau, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

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