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Early results are in!

June 2012
This year, the WAY TO GO! STATEWIDE COMMUTER CHALLENGE achieved its highest level of participation in both numbers and geography. Preliminary analysis of the registrations shows that over 3,500 individuals joined Way To Go! representing over 80% of all cities and towns in Vermont. The number of registrations is a 10% increase from last year’s event and reflects a full 25% increase from 2010.

So, for 2012 Vermonters who signed up for Way To Go! saved:

  • Nearly $70,000 in transportation dollars,
  • Over 300,000 miles of vehicle travel,
  • Over 15,000 gallons of gasoline
  • Just under 300,000 lbs of CO2 emissions.

Not bad for only 5 days!

The Way To Go! Statewide Commuter Challenge is an annual weeklong event designed to encourage people to get out of their car and explore more cost effective and efficient ways of getting to and from work. This can include walking, biking, telecommuting, vanpooling, taking the bus, and ridesharing. By doing this, commuters can save money, help reduce vehicle emissions, and get some daily exercise.

Anyone who is registered with Way To Go! is entered into our commuter drawings where we raffle off a variety of valuable prizes donated by sponsors from around the state. Way To Go! is not only a way for Vermonters to explore their transportation options but also it is an opportunity to have fun by joining others to achieve a common goal that provides both a personal benefit (saving real dollars) and a collective benefit (reducing emissions) as well.

Some other Way To Go! tidbits from 2012. The four most popular choices for the Way To Go! commuter this year?   Carpooling (27%), biking (26%), taking the bus (18%), and walking (16%).

  • Average commuting distance (round trip):  22.7 miles
  • Longest regular daily commuting distance:  178 miles

And Way To Go! commuters were evenly distributed in age with the top three participating age ranges very close in numbers:

  • 50 – 59 years  (21.1%)
  • 40 – 49 years (20.8%)
  • 30 – 39 years (20.5%)

Stay tuned! With the Way To Go! challenge concluded and with the registration database ‘cleaned’ (duplicates removed, omissions corrected, etc.),  now begins the final analysis to determine what communities and businesses will be honored with this year’s Way To Go! Participation Awards. These awards reflect an opportunity for Way To Go! to recognize and thank the recipients for their high levels of engagement in the event.

Equally as important, we must also determine this year’s winners of the Way To Go!  Carbon Cup trophies. This new part of the challenge, started just last year, recognizes one small employer (under 100 employees), one large employer (100 and up), and one Vermont community for a combination of participation and reductions in CO2 emissions. This year we also are adding a fourth Carbon Cup for a special school challenge organized by the Vermont Safe Routes To School program. Evaluation for each Carbon Cup is based on a measure of participation-days and average CO2 savings during the challenge week. Last year’s inaugural Carbon Cup winners include AllEarth Renewables, NRG Systems, Inc. and the City of Montpelier. Will they keep the trophies this year or will they be passed on to new winners?  Final results will be posted later this month . . . stay tuned!

Fine print. The Way To Go! Statewide Commuter Challenge is  hosted by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and sustained through the generous contributions and support from organizations all around the state. Major sponsors include Go Vermont, VTrans, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Additional sponsors include the National Life Group, AllEarth Renewables, Seventh Generation, and City Market. Way To Go! media sponsors include The Point and Seven Days.

The Way To Go! Challenge is planned and managed as a joint effort of a variety of groups from across the state. The “Organizers” are many as are the number of businesses that contribute valuable prizes for the raffle drawings. Visit to get a full listing.

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