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CSWD Suspends Sale of Compost Products

CSWD Media Alert
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 =======================================================


Williston – Chittenden Solid Waste District announced today that it has voluntarily ceased sales of bulk compost, topsoil, raised bed mix, and microbe mulch from its Redmond Road facility while it investigates the possible presence of persistent herbicides in organic materials delivered to the facility. CSWD is in the process of notifying all known purchasers of the bulk soil products.

The Vermont Department of Health, the Agency of Agriculture and the Agency of Natural Resources have been notified and testing of the products is underway. Compost is being analyzed to determine if herbicides are present. It is anticipated that results will be available next week.

At this time, compost sold in bulk between mid-April and the end of May has been identified as potentially containing the persistent herbicides. (There is no indication at this time that bagged products sold under the Green Mountain Compost brand contain the herbicides, but as a safeguard, such products will also be tested.)

In the past three days, customers have reported certain vegetable plants, most notably tomatoes and beans, have signs of leaf curling and distortion known as epinasty. The observed damage is consistent with herbicide exposure.

Until further notice, as a precautionary measure, if tomato or bean plants with damaged (curled or stunted) leaves are observed in a garden where Green Mountain Compost has been used this year, any vegetables grown in this garden with the same soil should not be eaten or sold. More information on how to handle affected plants and soil will be made available as soon as the chemical is identified. Information on updates, Frequently Asked Questions, how to report a damaged garden, and example photos will be posted on the CSWD and the Green Mountain Compost websites as soon as this information is available.

Tom Moreau, CSWD General Manager
872-8100 ext. 209

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