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Vt. Lawmakers Agree To Ban Gas Drilling Technique

Hydraulic Fracturing – For unresolved bills, it’s make or break it

Reposted from Times Augus and VT Digger  May 3rd, 2012

House Speaker Shap Smith, Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell, administration officials, and lawmakers on the House and Senate energy committees filed into and out of the governor’s ceremonial office Wednesday morning to discuss an increasingly controversial renewable-energy bill. Lawmakers on a conference committee agreed to a ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a controversial process for extracting natural gas from shale.

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Vt. lawmakers agree to ban gas drilling technique

Repost from NECN May 3rd, 2012

Vermont is poised to become the first state to ban a natural gas drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”. Geologists say there appears to be little if any natural gas under Vermont, but lawmakers have been pushing to get a handle on the technique that is criticized by some because chemicals are injected into the ground to free gas that is trapped there.

Click here for more information: NECN  “Vt. lawmakers agree to ban gas drilling technique”

Repost from VT Digger May 3rd, 2012

Panel OKs all-out fracking ban, plus study, to frack or not to frack or  maybe just no fracking for three years? These are the questions a House-Senate conference committee decided this week. Ultimately, the lawmakers decided to ban the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. But they also decided to study it. The House and Senate will have to approve the committee’s report before it makes it to Gov. Peter Shumlin’s desk.

Click here for more information:  VT Digger  “Panel OKs all-out fracking ban”

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