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Smart Meter Forum

A public poll taken about Smart Meters showed that 50% of the American public had never heard of them, and 20% had heard the term but didn’t know
what it meant.

Our government and utilities want to put a Smart Meter on every American building that uses electricity.  What possible health, security, and environmental risks could there be?

Wednesday, May 23, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Montshire Museum Community Room
Norwich, Vermont

Free and Open to the Public
The forum will consist of a presentation by representatives of CVPS and GMP on the technology and benefits of lSmart Meters with a brief overview of safety.

Following that, Janet Newton, President of the EMR Policy Institute, will discuss the health effects of Smart Meters.

The EMR Policy Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing sound public policy on the use of
electromagnetic radiation.

This Forum is sponsored by:
Sustainable Energy Resource Group
Upper Valley Food Co-op
Sierra Club
Thetford and Norwich Energy Committees

Kye Cochran:

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