Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


April 2012


1. – Heats the home almost entirely with cordwood

  • in a modern, EPA-rated, clean-burning catalytic woodstove
  • and sometimes “cooks on wood”

2. – Checks the house for air-tightness; makes house-shell energy improvements

3. – Is illuminated primarily with L.E.D.s (light-emitting diode) lights, about 6X more efficient than incandescent bulbs ; the remainder are CFLs, about 3X more efficient than incandescents; also uses lighting controls (timers, and energy-use-reducing dimmers)

4. – Considers building materials in relation to their ‘eco-friendliness’

5. – Runs a kitchen that avoids senseless “container-ism,” excess packaging

6. – Shops when possible at local farm stands

7. – Grows tomatoes, occasionally other things; allows neighbors to tap maple trees

8. – Cooks by the more efficient methods as possible; uses efficient pots and pans

9. – Avoids foods that consume excessive resources in their growing and production

10. – Uses travel mugs and reusable cold-drink bottles

11. – Looks for energy- and water-efficient appliances, when it is replacement time, and…

  • Runs the freezer packed, and the refrigerator sparsely filled
  • Avoids common energy-wasting features on refrigerators, appliances
  • Avoids satellite and DVRs, which (in the US) are amazing energy-sucking things

12. – Consolidates laundry loads, and air-dries clothes when possible; conserves on water use

13. – Opposes foolish things such as bottled water

14. – Sports a small fuel-efficient car, and maintains it  well (car uses long-lasting synthetic oil)

15. – Gripes at every opportunity, about using ethanol (from corn!) in motor fuel

16. – Consolidates trips when possible; offers ride-shares to others

17. – Has people who like to bike, and to walk; and who take the bus for long-distance

18. – Donates things to people, to thrift stores and charities, and buys things from them

19. – Recycles religiously (on Sunday mornings): recycles…

  • everything possible
  • things like electronics and cartridges
  • and, salvages things that are too good to go!

20. – Volunteers time at local organizations devoted to sustainability, including

  • Upper Valley Food Co-Op (WRJ)
  • COVER Home repair (work days), and materials recycling (WRJ)
  • SERG (Sustainable Energy Resource Group
  • Community dinners
  • Green Energy Times

21. – Stays “up” on issues and key topics of ecology: energy, resources, food, land, and water

  • Taps into the book list of Chelsea Green Publishing (WRJ) for great info

22. – Maintains an open mind on many topics of ecology, as the science shows what’s what!

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