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Product Review – Old Fashioned Milk Paint

By Lauren M. LoSchiavo

The accounting of this project is an unbiased, opinion of the usability, durability, and overall visual effects of the “Old Fashioned Milk Paint” product.

After agreeing to do the project, which included covering a high ceiling stairwell, and landing area, Anne Thibeau, President of the company, asked for the total square footage, the material on the wall and the color choice. This information is critical in determining how much paint you will need and which product you should use to optimally cover the surface.

Upon receiving the bags of the “SafePaint wall formula” powdered paint, I read the directions. They instructed me to “wash the walls until clean” and “pretty much just add water.”  I carefully removed all my pictures and furniture from the site, scrubbed the walls clean (this is another important step you don’t want to skip), and added water and dipped right in. I was impressed! The Marigold paint I chose went on smoothly and evenly – full on – no dilution. It looked fantastic.

At first I was concerned that I would have color variations if I didn’t add the water exactly. This was not a problem, as you can see. The warmth and light this has brought into this dark space is impressive, as is the speed in which this company responds to your queries.

I recently had the opportunity to “babysit” my friend’s 8 month old, 120 pound, Cane Corso/Rottweiler puppy – Ocean. He came to me with unclipped long nails. In the night he started to miss his owner and attempted to scratch his way into my bedroom. Two paw swipes later, I bounded out of bed to comfort him and look at my door. It was virtually unscathed!  This speaks volumes to this paints durability. The biggest problem I had was – I wish I had more rooms in my home to paint!

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