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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Fox News: Some Grown-Ups In Charge At Last?

By Diane Reynolds

Can Fox News be waking up? To global warming….to the dangers of fracking? Having NPR running in my blood, I don’t often (and maybe I should) check out the sources of differing views. But when G.E.T. publisher Nancy Rae Mallery sent two FoxNews.Com postings to me I was flabbergasted. Read their intro sentence – it seemed that they really get the extent of the problem.

“It’s been so warm in the United States this year, especially in March, that national records weren’t just broken, they were deep-fried… “

Then it went on to sound the alarm.

“The magnitude of how unusual the year has been in the U.S. has alarmed some meteorologists who have warned about global warming. One climate scientist said it’s the weather equivalent of a baseball player on steroids, with old records obliterated. ‘While individual events can’t be blamed on global warming this is like the extremes that are supposed to get more frequent because of manmade climate change from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil’ said Crouch…. ‘The warmth in March is an ideal illustration of this’ said Hansen, who also has become an activist in fighting fossil fuels. ..Weaver, who reviewed the Hansen paper and called it ‘one of the most stunning examples of evidence of global warming’.” (Crouch, Weaver and Hansen are nationally well-known climate scientists)

And then I turned to the second attachment: Fox News on fracking. Again I was heartened.

“The researchers reported that from 1970 to 2000, the region (Pennsylvania-Ohio region) they studied averaged about 21 quakes a year. That rose to about 29 per year for 2001 through 2008, they wrote, and the three following years produced totals of 50, 87 and 134, respectively. ‘The study results make sense and are likely due to man-made stress in the ground’, said Rowena Lohman, a Cornell University geophysicist. The idea is to understand how the man-made activity triggers quakes’, she said.”

I found no nay-sayers in the climate change article and only one in the fracking article. Maybe, just maybe more people might be more likely to get their heads out of the sand.

FoxNews.Com postings dated 4-8-12 Fracking and 4-9-12 Global Warming.

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