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Dear Renewable Energy Supporter,

The Clean Energy Development Fund is a vital program for promoting local jobs and local renewable investment. H. 782, which is currently being considered in the Senate, will only provide $1.5 million per year for the CEDF – not enough to sustain a robust industry.

These funds are received through a portion of the generation tax on Vermont Yankee, which is taxed at less than almost all renewables. Please help by contacting your Senators and letting them know that the CEDF is vital to your business and the growth of renewables in Vermont.

Please take 10 minutes to make your voice heard in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Personalize this pre-drafted email


Dear Senator,

I am writing from __ company based in __, Vermont. We participate in the Clean Energy Development Fund’s “Small Scale Incentive Program,” installing ___ renewable energy systems. I am writing to strongly urge you to increase the funding for the Clean Energy Development Fund in House Bill 782 to $5 million per year. The Small Scale Incentive Program has led to the installation of over 2,500 renewable systems, and leverages over $5 for every $1 spent, with well over 170 businesses participating. Vermont has seen the incentive program reduce its rates repeatedly – while Connecticut has a solar incentive of $2.45 per Watt, and New York is $1.50, Vermont is now at $0.65 /W. This is a phenomenal value for the money and is the bread and butter for hundreds of employees throughout our green state.

Please fully fund the Clean Energy Development Fund to support instate jobs and instate clean energy, helping schools, non-profits, businesses and homeowners purchase solar, solar hot water, wind and hydro systems.

Thank you,
Your Name
Your Business Name
Contact Information


Step 2: Send a copy to your local Senator

You can find who that is by visiting here:

Step 3: Send a copy to Senate Finance

H.782 is currently being reviewed by the Senate Finacne Committee. Send a copy of the pre-drafted email to Finance Chairwoman Anne Cummings, and cc others on the committee.

Senator Anne Cummings, Chair:
Senator Mark A. MacDonald, Vice Chair:
Senator Tim Ashe:
Senator Randy Brock:
Senator Dick McCormack:
Senator William H. Carris:
Senator Richard Westman:
Senator Sally Fox:

Here’s a list of the emails you can copy and paste directly:,,,,,,,

Personalized letters go farther. Share what you do as a business and why the CEDF is vital to Vermont’s renewable industry. While you are doing so, add one more sentence, urging them to support the several clean energy initiatives making their way through the Senate. For more information about H. 782 and these other bills, visit REV LEGISLATIVE PAGE:

Or click here for a two-page review on this year’s bills.

Want to take another step? Call in and leave a message with your local Senator and Senator Cummings at: (802) 828-2231.

Finally, help spread the word. After sending your letter, forward this email throughout your company, to your colleagues in the industry, friends, family and others who care about renewable energy. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for supporting renewable energy in our State.

Let REV know you raised your voice and expressed your support!

Thank you,
Gabrielle Stebbins
Executive Director
Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)

(802) 229-0099

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