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Action Alert – 2 Calls in 2 minutes

Dear Friend,

Here in Vermont, we often take for granted our great leadership on energy issues.  After all, we are the home of great energy leaders past and present.  We are a state that prides itself on clean energy use.  And, we rank Number 1 in the nation for “green jobs.”

But we’ve got urgent issues facing our state.  Right now, your Senators are deciding whether to support the two programs that have helped homeowners, businesses, farms, schools, and nonprofits afford to make their own renewable energy investments.

From cow power to school-based solar, the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) has played a vital role in helping advance renewables in the state. The CEDF has in the past received funding by payments made by Vermont Yankee.  Today, the fund’s future could be at risk.  At the same time, it leverages private investment and helps deploy renewable technologies that reduce peak energy costs for utilities, and thus all ratepayers.

The net-metering program helps customers by “running their meter backwards”. When a renewable system makes clean energy, the customer gets credited for it.

Please make TWO CALLS:

1.     802 828 2228 and leave a message for Senator Anne Cummings to support Vermonters who want to Go Renewable. Urge her to take up and pass the net-metering bill (H. 475) and fully fund the Clean Energy Development Fund.

2.     802 828 3333 and leave a message for Governor Shumlin to fully fund the CEDF so Vermonters can Go Renewable.

Your calls DO make a difference! We see the impact every day when Legislators hear directly from YOU.

Thanks for making a difference,
Team 350Vermont

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