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Support group net metering in New Hampshire! Hearing tomorrow-Thursday

New Hampshire is considering important amendments to their net metering laws. SB-258. This bill could help individuals, municipalities and businesses in NH to help stabilize their energy costs through renewable energy.  Please contact the members of the Energy Committee (as a letter on letterhead in pdf format) and the sponsors of the bill (by e-mail is okay) (contact information is below).

The Senate is taking testimony TOMORROW-Thursday, at 9 am. So, take a minute, write a letter, and send it off, or show up in Concord … businesses especially!

Group net metering is important because it allows the resource to be developed where the renewable resource is best (solar, wind, hydro) and then attribute the power to other meter(s). For example, if you are developing a hydro project at a dam-where there is no on-site use for the power;  the group net metering law will allow you to make the power at the dam, but use the power at the school, or wastewater treatment facility. See the main points of the bill below:

1.   This bill adds GROUP NET METERING. Up to ten meters can be grouped with a renewable energy generator to essentially be treated as one customer.  This is common in other states.

2.   Under present law, if net meter accounts generate an energy surplus, they are now eligible to be paid for that surplus at avoided cost of energy.  Under new bill, the PAYMENT for surplus would include ENERGY AND T&D (AT RETAIL RATES, just as seen on the customer’s bill). This is the big change that would SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE RATE paid to small renewables.

3.    Under present law, demand charges are not offset by a net metering surplus.  Under new bill, they would be.  This is most important to commercial/industrial customers on demand-based rates.

4.   As before, the bill is ‘technology neutral, which is important to many legislators.

Please contact your legislators. Contact information is below:

Honorable Bob Odell
Chairman, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee
State House, Room 302
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Protocol on letters to Senators re SB258:
Letters should be addressed to Senator Bob Odell, the Chair of the Senate Energy Committee:

Senator Bob Odell
Chairman, Senate Energy and Natural Resources
Statehouse, Room 302
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

The letter should be attached as a pdf to an email sent to Senator Odell and the members of the Energy Committee (below), with a subject line “In Support of SB 258 re net metering revisions”:

It should also be emailed to the sponsors of the bill.

Sen. Kelly
Sen. Larsen
Sen. D’Allesandro
Sen. Houde

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