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Interior Green Shots

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

Late winter & Early Spring: With so much to do in late spring and summer and while things are still sort of slow, it is a good time to do an in home project, like putting on a new coat of color to brighten up walls. It is amazing how uplifting changing the color of a space can be. And if not a do-it-your-selfer many of the trades people are slow now and will gladly fit jobs in. Even though our houses are still closed up for winter, if truly natural paints are used like Real Milk Paint or Bioshield clay paints or even natural clay plasters, you need not need worry about breathing noxious fumes, as there are none.

It is also the time to plan for summer, wether its seed buying for the gardens, starting seedlings, or planning for the bigger things like a new roof, foundation work, travel… if planning a construction project this summer it may be a good time to begin to research quotes and decide how to go about the project. For example if one needs to replace a roof would this be a good time to add insulation and get a more energy efficient house that will save on future heating bills, is a good time to add solar panels for hot water? Or if one needs to replace a foundation wall would it be a good time to add insulation there to? Remember it is not always about the lowest quote! It will save many more dollars in the future if things are done right to begin with, and be sure you ask for and check the references.

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