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No Smart Meter “Opt Out” Fees for CVPS, GMP Customers until at least April 2013

Friday, March 16, 12PSB – No Smart Meter “Opt Out” Fees for CVPS, GMP Customers until at least April 2013.

Recent filings with the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) will mean that Vermonters will be able to “opt out” of smart meter installations for the rest of 2012, and possibly longer.CVPS and GMP filed to postpone implementing their approved $10/month charges until the end of April 2013, and Burlington Electric filed to postpone their $7.50/month charge until the end of January.

Legislation is also working its way through the legislature that would prohibit any fees from being charged until after utilities accomplish “full deployment”, something that might not happen until later next spring.

This development provides relief for Vermonters for who had financial concerns over paying the fee to opt out.“This means that Vermonters can take a ‘wait’ at no cost to themselves,” stated Wake Up Opt Out campaign manager Jesse Mayhew. “Given concerns that have been raised about health impacts from the wireless technology, privacy, and the viability of the whole wireless enterprise, the postponement of fees means Vermonters don’t have to pay during this introduction period.”

In recent months some Vermonters have expressed concerns over the impending statewide smart meter rollout. Many opponents are critical of the rollout due to the lack of public participation in the planning process – public awareness of both the meter deployment and the fees came only after the program had PSB approval.

 Submitted by: About The Wake Up Opt Out Campaign

The Wake Up Opt Out Campaign is a group of concerned Vermonters that believe the utilities and Public Service Board have not done enough to educate Vermonters about the risks associated with the impending smart meter roll-­‐out. Wake Up Opt Out encourages Vermonters to learn more about the meters, and decide if they would like to opt out of having a meter installed at their home.

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