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Orange County ‘Choppers?’ Come to VT


by N.R. Mallery Feb. 2012

G Chaleff checking electronic braking prior to raising the tower for a Skystream 3.7 grid tied residential installation on 80’ custom tilt up tower Wallkill, NY

We’re only kidding about the title! But … there is an exciting, passionate new residential wind business that has relocated here from the infamous Orange County in New York state to our own beautiful green mountain state! We would like to introduce this innovative company to you and to welcome them to Vermont!

Originally located in New York State’s Hudson Valley, Orange Green Energy Systems was started in 2008 by George Chaleff. Mr. Chaleff has long been an advocate for the environment and renewable energy. After years of dreaming about living in the Green Mountain State, the family moved to Johnson, Vermont in 2011 to pursue their own energy independence dreams.

Chaleff said that “Orange Green Energy Systems is excited to bring their fair and honest trade practices, combined with quality goods and workmanship to the beautiful green mountains – to produce an end product where customer expectations are achieved or exceeded”.

Carrie Chaleff (red head) helping daddy with tools at tower base

George Chaleff comes with a long list of credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science Ramapo College of NJ – 2000
  • Small Scale Wind Energy Workshop (Southwest Wind power) Flagstaff, AZ – 2008
  • Recurrent Wind Turbine Training and Service (Southwest Wind power) 2010
  • Grid Tied Photovoltaics (Solar Energy International) 2008
  • Photovoltaic Installer and Maintenance Training (SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry) 2008
  • NYSERDA Provisional Wind Installer
  • Vermont Wind Partners Provisional Installer

Already a Member Lamoille Chamber of Commerce, Orange Green Energy, LLC will certainly be an asset to our state with his focus on residential and small-scale Wind. This is a welcome addition to the mix of renewable energy installers – to help “fill this niche.

Grid tied commercial installation Skystream 3.7 on tilt up 45’ monopole in Norwalk, CT. Randall Chaleff at base.

We hope that the wonderful welcoming spirit of Vermont and New Hampshire will help the Chaleff family feel right at home here and help them to make their dream come true. The family consists of his wife Tracy who helps with the business, daughter Carrie (red head) pictured, and son Randall who helps out occasionally, in season when he’s not working.

You can see one of their installations right in their own yard in Johnson, consisting of a Skystream 3.7 grid-tied wind turbine installed on a 45’ tilt up monopole rated at 2.6 Kw.

The goal of Orange Green Energy Systems LLC is to offer the general public a means of gaining control of their rising energy costs. At the same time lowering the dependence on fossil fuels, decreasing harmful pollution emissions, and reducing the amount of green house gases associated with global warming.

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