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March 21: Energy Independence Day

Vermonters to participate in crowd-sourced film on Vermont Energy Independence Day

MONTPELIER. Feb. 2, 2012. On March 21st citizens from across Vermont will participate in the state’s first “crowd-sourced” film on Vermont Energy Independence Day. This is a film project about everyday acts of carpooling, insulating an attic, changing a lightbulb, or buying local. It’s also about sweeping changes found in Vermont’s homegrown renewable energy industry, the new comprehensive state energy plan, and grassroots actions of 100 town energy committees.

Anyone with a camera and image to share of Vermont’s energy transition can participate. Video clips uploaded to a YouTube channel will be organized and edited into a feature length film by Bright Blue EcoMedia.

“Crowd-sourced films are part of the rapidly changing world of digital information and storytelling,” says Vic Guadagno, Director and Producer. “The world is changing, and social media and video storytelling is driving this transition. We’ll weave together one cohesive story, as told by hundreds of individuals. We are encouraging café’s to become Community Story Centers with musical events so Vermont musicians can create the soundtrack”.

Schools, towns, businesses, and other groups are signing up to film their energy stories, host energy independence events, and network via Facebook and other social media sites leading up to March 21st.

“Vermont is emerging as a global leader in the inevitable transition away from nonrenewable energy resources, and towards a more decentralized, renewable, safe energy future.” says Executive Producer Jon Erickson, Professor and Managing Director of the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. “We hope to capture the diversity of ideas needed to achieve greater independence, and show the world what one small state can do.”

Erickson’s undergraduate ecological economics class is helping to build a “story corps” to seek out the “must film” energy stories across the state. Bright Blue is also networking with a range of other non-profit groups to recruit participants, including Vermont Natural Resources Council, Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN), 350 Vermont, Vermont Public Interest Research Group, Renewable Energy Vermont, and Vermont Green.

“We have long been interested in helping to make the case for greater energy action by pulling together the stories that will inspire more people to act,” says Johanna Miller of the Vermont Natural Resource Council and coordinator of VECAN. “This film project will help create a common voice, and celebrate the grassroots energy actions sweeping the state.”

The social media campaign and film is being facilitated and produced by Bright Blue EcoMedia, the nonprofit media company that produced the regional Emmy-award winning series “Bloom” (see Additional information about Vermont Energy Independence Day can be found on the project’s Facebook page ( and website (

Contact Vic Guadagno, Bright Blue EcoMedia
Phone: 303-247-1800

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