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Maldives Update on President Nasheed

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Dear friends,

Since you signed the petition calling for a peaceful resolution to the situation in the Maldives, we thought you might appreciate this update.

We’ve spent the last 36 hours talking with many of our friends in the Maldives. The situation changes frequently, but its basic outlines are clear: our ally President Nasheed was forced at gunpoint to resign in what seems to be a coup carried out by police forces. Several of his aides and associates have been hospitalized after beatings, and an arrest warrant has been issued for Nasheed — with one official for the new government promising that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

At a moment like this, we need to show the kind of solidarity we’d all hope for from our friends and allies. Please spread this action to get more people to sign onto our statement of support. You can share it on Facebook here, spread it on Twitter here, or just pass along this link:

We’re communicating urgently the US State Department and other key diplomats in the UK, EU and India to press for a peaceful and democratic resolution of the struggles in the Maldives. The surge of democracy that swept the Arab world last year really began a few years before in the Maldives, an entirely Muslim nation — and Nasheed’s op-ed in the New York Times explains just how difficult this kind of transition can be. A new video (which you can see on our website) provides a chilling glimpse of the challenges that face this threatened, fragile country:

We also received this touching note from Ayesha, a friend of ours from the Maldives:

“To the 350 family: thank you for your support and for insisting on the safety of President Nasheed and all Maldivians…I plea for my friends who fight for climate justice to help us bring peace to our nation. By helping us bring peace and justice to this nation, you will help strengthen our resilience to climate change which is crucial for our very existence.”

When people are free to speak there minds, crucial issues like climate change rise to the fore. We need to make sure that people in the Maldives and elsewhere can be a full part of the global debate on the most important issues the world has ever faced.




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