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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

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Yes you can! Go solar today! The masthead of the Green energy times urges us all to do this, but still people are not buying – enough. Not nearly enough. Carbon is still loading up the atmosphere, now close to 400ppm. We know what this is going to mean… more Irene’s, more Katrina’s, less food security, trouble in every way. Solar is one way to have our World, our jobs, our values and our cake, but folks still are not biting. Why not?

I must suppose the ongoing thinking, the conventional wisdom out there is stiffly maintaining: “Oh sure- I would do it tomorrow, except for the high costs of solar. It is still way too expensive!” Really? Have you really looked into it? C’mon, walk with me…

Here is the reality: Solar PV has never cost less! PV Systems costing over $10.00/watt installed just a few years ago can be had for less than $5.00/watt. That means for a 1,000 watt array, capable of powering your house in Vermont with 4,000 watts/day will cost you about $5,000.00 installed.

Still too much? Don’t forget the incentives! Government tax credit of 30% plus Vermont’s in State incentive can cut the price by about 50% combined- Now we are down to $2,500.00

That’s still a lot of money? OK, but keep in mind you ARE ALREADY paying something for the fossil fueled, Nuclear and Foreign owned options that we all say we do not support! Let’s say that we are paying $75.00 a month for your electricity. That would be a Three year payment plan on this system. $75.00 a month for 36 payments. Understand – this is NOT an additional payment for you – it is in lieu of that electric bill because when you go Solar, you will still be paying for your power – but to the bank INSTEAD of the power company! Go with a local bank or Credit Union and “lock in your payment”. Think you can’t live on 4kWh a day? My wife and I live on less than half of that. It is not hard to do. But if you need more power, you can do the math , just keep in mind; every dollar you spend on conservation returns $4.00 in cost savings on your system!

Still too high? OK, there are financing options like “No Money Down” These are lease options, I don’t particularly care to lease my power but it does have the advantage of no money down, and some of them allow a buy out after a term of 5 years or so.
OK- but wait-what’s that you say? Still can’t afford it?

WOW! OK one last try… We have PACE in Vermont. PACE is Property Assessed Clean Energy, a program thru Efficiency Vermont. PACE allows you to borrow against the equity in your home up to $30,000.00 and pay it back in your taxes over 20 years. That’s right. Let’s take that $2,500.00 system. Do the math. Twenty (20) years. That’s about $125.00 a year.

Hey Let’s do a monthly payment; $125.00 divided by 12 months! WOW! About $10.45 a month! AND YOU STILL THINK SOLAR IS TOO EXPENSIVE?????

The way things are now; right now; EVERY CLEAR THINKING PERSON THAT READS THIS CAN NOT AFFORD NOT TO DO SOLAR!!!! We have arrived! We- Can-onomics!

Dave Bonta is President & Founder of USA Solar Store. Celebrating 10 years!


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