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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The ‘State of the Union Address’ is on my Mind…

The state of the union address is on my mind!

As I commented on the White House ‘Wall’: This is great that you announced a federal investigation into Wall Street. Now … to see you actually DO the right thing for the AVERAGE person in this country and make the wealthy oil companies give back to our country and pay their share of taxes and return the unfair rebates that the IRS has given them. Absurd! If they paid their fair share, our country would definitely be on the road out of debt – and one of the worst thing is that they most of them aren’t willing to do the fair thing and that they even accept the ‘bennies’ they have been receiving!

Why do they even NEED all of their trilions of $?
It won’t do them one bit of good if you don’t ‘G.E.T.’ one VERY important thing you sure got wrong in your speech, which is regarding CLEAN ENERGY! Clean energy does NOT include offshore drilling, gas fracking or coal. This will only keep the big oil companies happy. I have to consequently question your sincerity about Clean Renewable Energy, which should be one of your top concerns, along with getting our CO2 emissions. If this does not get under control by 2017, the IEA has warned the world that we are in BIG trouble – it will be too late to turn things around. Life cannot survive at 129º as Pakistan endured this past summer – take note of just this winter’s warmth in the whole northern part of our country and lack of snow. Snow means water for the rest of the year for places like Reno, NV, from Lake Tahoe – for example…

We need your help, Mr. President!
And while we are on the subject – Where is that Solar that was supposed to be installed back on the White House, any way? Why have we not heard any more about that?

One more concern, Dear Mr. Obama: What are your plans for reducing our emission levels from the two worst offenders: Transportation and leaking under-insulated buildings that are wasting fossil fuel and sending the emissions off into our atmosphere, just adding to the problem?  These should be on your list of top infrastructures to change immediately – or at least working on feverishly…  No problems – only solutions!

In case you missed it or would like to watch last night’s ‘State of the Union Address’ , here it is:

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