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Sleepy Hollow Inn in Huntington, VT is excited to announce the addition of a solar hot water system to our inn. The system, designed by Peter Cassels-Brown of Green Mountain Renewable Energy, includes 4 solar hot water panels and has two unique features. The system is designed to have a large 500 gallons of hot water storage – which is needed in our business as we have very high use on weekends, and very low use weekdays. This allows solar hot water to be created and stored midweek and used up over the weekend at our 8 bedroom inn.

An additional feature of our solar hot water system is to use one of the dual heat exchanger coils in our hot water storage tanks to preheat our space heating system. Typical solar hot water systems only serve to heat domestic hot water.  The system is expected to save us $2000 per year on fuel costs (both wood pellet and heating fuel).

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