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Support Governor Shumlin’s Energy Plan!

Governor Peter Shumlin is thinking big. His comprehensive energy plan calls for Vermont to receive 90% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050. This is an amazing goal for our state. If implemented, this plan would make the Green Mountain State a leader in clean energy and an example for the rest of the country. Vermont can do this — but the governor needs your support.

Tell Governor Shumlin and key lawmakers that you support this comprehensive energy plan.

It is a bold plan. In addition to the 90% renewable goal for 2050, the governor wants our state to get 75% of electricity from renewable sources within 20 years. We can’t let this opportunity get away. We need to speak out and let the governor know that he has the support it takes to make this happen.

Show your support today for a greener Green Mountain State!

Investing in renewable energy means cleaner air. It means fighting climate change. It means more jobs for our state. This is a historic chance for Vermont to lead the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.

As Vermonters, let’s tell the governor that we stand with him to do tough things and get this done. Let’s show him that momentum is on the side of clean energy. Our future depends on it.


David Van Deusen
Conservation Organizer
Sierra Club

P.S. We need to show the governor he has the support he needs to get this done.

Tell Governor Shumlin: We Support Your Plan!


How you can help:
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Dear Friends,
I just told Governor Shumlin that I support his bold plan to move Vermont to 90% renewable energy by 2050. This will make Vermont a leader in clean energy and green jobs. We need to show the governor he has the support he needs to make this a reality.

Send a message of support today!

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