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Become Part of the VT Green Energy Revolution, Montpelier, 1/25

What: Press conference to launch VT Fossil Fuels Freedom Campaign.
When: Weds, January 25th, 10:00am
Where: Cedar Creek Room of the Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier

Our Governor, Peter Shumlin, is calling for 75% of our electricity to come from renewables within 20 years, and 90% of our total energy from renewables by 2050.  Implementing this plan  will not only mean a cleaner, more climate friendly environment, but it will also mean green collar jobs for Vermont’s working families.

Now let’s put the pressure on and tell Montpelier that we can move even faster and create good green jobs in the process. Let’s tell Montpelier that the faster we move towards a renewable energy future, the better we will stand in our fight against climate change.  Now is the time for Vermont to once again lead the way!

On Wednesday, January 25th, at 10:00 am in the Cedar Creek Room in the Statehouse, Montpelier, there will be a rally/press conference announcing the launch of the historic “Fossil Fuels Freedom Campaign.”  This campaign was formed by our partners in the Vermont organization, and seeks to build a future of sustainable, climate friendly, renewable energy reliance in our state and beyond.

The Vermont Sierra Club supports these principles, and we will be there.

We invite you to be there too!

So come to Montpelier on January 25th, and be part of the green energy revolution!
Contact: David Van Deusen, Conservation Organizer, Vermont Sierra Club
• (802)229-6399 •

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