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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

350Vermont Announces a Press Conference to Launch the Fossil Fuel Freedom Campaign

Scientists have determined that the safe upper limit of carbon units in the atmosphere—to support life as we know it—is 350 parts per million. Our current levels are approximately 392 PPM and rising steadily. Contrast this to before the Industrial Revolution, when carbon levels hovered around 275 PPM. These elevated carbon levels are largely a result of our gross dependence on fossil fuels.

Vermont has a time-honored history of being first in the nation on many successful social/political initiatives. Therefore, we are stepping up to be the first state to initiate a full-scale urgent response to the climate crisis and as such, set a template for the rest of the United States to follow. To initiate this urgent-response mandate, we are launching a Fossil Fuel Freedom Campaign at the Statehouse.


  • What: A Press Conference to launch the Fossil Fuel Freedom Campaign
  • Where: Vermont Statehouse – Cedar Creek Room  (second floor)
  • When: Wednesday, January 25th 10:00 AM

The Fossil Fuel Freedom Campaign advances goals and strategies to make Vermont the leader the country so urgently needs today to solve the climate crisis. The formula for unleashing a requisite level of sustained collective effort involves clear vision, bold goals, and individual participation across the board. Whenever people have united in this way the results have always been unparalleled innovation and fresh new models of thought and action. In a word: Transformation.

To learn more about this bold initiative and find out how you can do your part, please go to:  Fossil Fuel Freedom Campaign.

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