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Weatherization 101 at Thetford Energy Expo

By Bruce E Landry, 5 Star Energy Tech

On Nov. 5th SERG and Thedford HEAT sponsored the Home Energy Expo at Thetford Academy. Bob Walker did a great job organizing this event. 5 Star Energy Tech was asked to participate in sponsoring this important event, which we gladly did. It was nice to meet up with some old friends in the business and meet the folks of Thetford. I spent most of the day talking to everyone at my table about how houses work from an energy point of view and what an energy audit was.

The audit gives us the information we need to make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Every house comes down to basic thermal physics. Warm air moves to cold air. Cold air enters the house through wind and negative air pressure in the lower half of the house and warmer air leaves the house in the upper half with positive pressure. The solution is simple in theory, stop the air flow and increase the insulation performance where we can. The application is not that simple because every house has a story and no two houses are the same. (How many renovations have occurred and that bump out doesn’t look original to mention a few).

Since air sealing is a new concept, very little if any has been done in most homes and many places are finished living spaces and are not cost effective to do. That is why it takes a company, trained and certified that understands how houses have been toggled together over their lifetime. We bring in a blower door to test the house tightness and locate the big holes and an infrared camera to compare the slightest temperature variation on the exterior walls. We do pressure diagnostic on interior walls switches and outlets to see if the wall cavity is leaking to the attic. Do you have a moister issue? Is mold growing in places that you rarely visit, like in that crawl space?

Before we do any of those tests we inspect your heating system. What good is a tight energy efficient home if the heating system is leaking carbon monoxide or running well below efficiency or the draft is not working properly?

We, at 5 Star Energy Tech, audit your whole house as a system. Energy reports reflect how efficient your house is and recommendations are made where there may be improvements. We have worked on houses from the early 1800s to as recent as 2010. We look forward to working on yours.

Thanks for stopping by and asking questions at the energy expo.

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