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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

We have until 2017 to get our carbon emissions down!

We have until 2017! That is FIVE years!!! FIVE!!! The whole world is at stake – nut just Africa!

Tears run down my face in fear – yet we MUST stay strong and Get IT DONE!

What are YOU… yes, YOU doing – not your neighbor?  Don’t wait until it is too late!

Do you even know what to do? Where to start? The answer lies within our Transportation, Buildings, which are the two worst offenders to our emission levels.

Please Don’t drive unless it is absolutely necessary. Never Idle. Car and Van Pool, Use Rideshare to connect!  In Vermont:  (800-685-RIDE) or (802-295-1824 x204). Take the bus, train, ferry, bike, e-bike, walk, ski… and drive energy efficient vehicles. Our future transportation infrastructure needs to start now!

Seal and Insulate your Buildings to reduce the emissions caused from the use of dirty non-renewable fossil fuels. You can’t seal them tight enough!  Zero Energy Buildings ARE achievable. This should be the goal and not to settle for anything less!

Renewable Energy – this is the solution! Clean energy from Solar, Wind, Micro-hydro*…  We need Community Solar and Wind Farms… We can’t get solar installed or wind turbines up fast enough!  It is about TIME!  NOW is the time to G.E.T. going!

Learn more in every issue of Green Energy Times… New Issue coming out on Dec. 15th with a Front page article about the 2017 dilemma directly from the IEA warning, that Anjali Appadurai refers to … The new issue will be online next week, so ck back with us! AND, watch for G.E.T.  at newstands near you or subscribe on this website out and about in VT and NH at the same time!

* Micro-hydro is an untapped goldmine of energy producing power that runs 24 hrs a day and does NOT harm the environment in ANY way. The Federal Gov’t is the only block in making this happen.  It is time to get that changed.  Go to your state representatives and government officials and let’s get the micro-hydro laws changed!

1 comment to We have until 2017 to get our carbon emissions down!

  • Brad Blake

    An over-wraught whacko comment if there ever was one. This person can go live in their little utopia and stay completely oblivious to the science and economics involved in sustaining our economy and lifestyle. Meanwhile, I will support prudent, cost effective, science-based remedies to emissions.

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