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The Basics of Distributed Wind Power in Vermont

Distributed wind power is the fastest growing segment of the wind industry today. An ever growing number of Vermont businesses, local authorities and communities are considering renewable energy projects to minimize the impact of their operations on non-renewable energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate their future energy costs. Given a reasonable wind resource, distributed wind energy can offer a cost effective and efficient solution.

Size DOESN’T matter! Aside from the obvious difference in small residential applications and large multi-turbine utility wind farms, distributed wind turbines can come in many shapes and sizes. In community settings,  the driver of which size to use tends to be how that community views the balance between turbine aesthetics and the economic impact of the project. It is all about producing power at the source where it’s needed.

The benefits of distributed wind DO matter! Bringing wind power directly to community owned assets bring huge benefits to a wide array of stakeholders. This is why distributed wind is one of the fastest-growing segments in the global wind power industry today. The benefits of a distributed wind project can often be delivered through a small to medium sized turbine designed specifically to address the requirements of this sector. Distributed wind offers the right amount of power and reliability. A single 100kW wind turbine or a cluster of two or three – meets all the energy needs for most businesses, municipalities, schools, commercial farms or industrial sites with a low height profile and low noise levels fit neatly into local settings.

Wind Turbine Technology by Northern Power Systems – Designed and Manufactured in VT

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