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Freeaire Refrigeration Certifies ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to Help Spread “Polar Power”

New England-based companies join to help businesses save money on refrigeration costs and lessen their environmental footprint WAITSFIELD, VT – Freeaire Refrigeration of Waitsfield, Vt has recently partnered with ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to help businesses minimize the money spent on costly refrigeration and lessen their environmental impact. Freeaire manufactures products that can cut refrigeration costs by as much as 60% using cold outside air and an electronic controller engineered for overall system efficiency. Several ARC employees recently received training at a Freeaire training session and are now certified to install, maintain and draw energy data from Freeaire systems.

“Equipping ARC with the tools and knowledge to install and maintain Freeaire® systems will provide greater access to the energy and money savings of these systems for area businesses,” said Freeaire’s president and founder, Richard Travers. “Businesses in cooler climates can significantly cut costs, as well as reduce carbon emissions, by harnessing a widely available, free resource – cold outside air. Our systems were designed here and thrive in this climate.”

To achieve maximum energy savings, each Freeaire system features a powerful computer called the Cooler Controller™. In any climate this computer ensures that each component of business’s conventional compressor-based refrigeration system operates only as much as necessary. In colder climates, the Polar Power Package™ serves to harness cold, super-filtered outside air to be used inside for cooling, using just a fraction of the energy. The rebates currently available from Efficiency Vermont and many of New England’s electric utilities provide additional incentives for companies to install Freeaire systems.

“The energy savings that can be realized by utilizing the Freeaire system are obvious,” said Kevin Morrison, sales associate at ARC. “We feel we owe it to our existing customer base to expose this opportunity to them.”

Founded in 1947, ARC has provided superior heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration and plumbing services throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, with locations in Bradford, VT and Lebanon and Littleton, NH. By being trained on how the Freeaire system works and certified in the installation process, ARC technicians are now able to install and maintain Freeaire systems.

“Freeaire is another way for us to promote sustainability in the energy industry as we seek to take advantage of every opportunity to ensure our future growth and profitability,” adds Morrison. “Freeaire gives us another important tool do so, and they are a Vermont company. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

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About Freeaire® Refrigeration systems provide significant energy savings to walk-in coolers and refrigerated warehouses in any climate, at any time of year.  The Cooler Controller™ eliminates unnecessary operation of individual system components. In colder climates the addition of a Freeaire Polar Power™ package allows filtered cold outside air, a natural and renewable source of energy, to do the cooling at a fraction of the cost.  Freeaire systems are unmatched for efficiency and reliability in commercial refrigeration. 

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