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Reinforcing its commitment to provide a true Vermont experience, Burke Mountain is unveiling plans for low-density residential neighborhoods reflecting thoughtful growth and a high degree of energy efficiency. Burke has partnered with Michael Graves, a world- renowned resort planner, known for his practical, clean designs that reflect natural surroundings. This is part of a multi-year plan to add enhancements including a new high- speed quad, additional terrain and the installation of a wind turbine.

“We are taking the lead on redefining how resort real estate will be sold in the future,” said Tim McGuire, vice president and general manager of Burke Mountain. “Our sensible approach is to only release and build in very limited quantities. Our homes will be a reflection of the mountain, the local community and all the beauty this part of Vermont has to offer. In fact, this is the first new neighborhood in nearly a decade. Most importantly, the ski and ride experience will remain authentic.”

Plans incorporate stringent energy efficiencies and a practical building style, differentiating Burke from other resorts. Several parcels have been identified for these low-density residential neighborhoods on-mountain.

Graves is known around the world for his architectural prowess and clever, sleek product designs. His work spans a diverse array of buildings around the world including offices, private buildings, postmodern icons such as the Portland Building in Oregon and the Humana Building in Louisville, Ky.

Burke is also examining how community farming could play a role in this development. “We hope to partner with an educational institution or agriculture specialist to begin growing and raising foods,” noted McGuire. “This is already coming to life in our other business operations. During the past year, we committed to composting and using local ingredients in our restaurants wherever feasible.”

Burke’s plan includes strong partnerships with local businesses and services of East Burke and the Northeast Kingdom region.  “There are no plans for a resort village,” continued McGuire.“We know Burke loyalists appreciate, and future guests will appreciate, the small town and authentic Vermont experience not found at other resort locations.”

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