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Congressman Peter Welch Opens the Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) Conference

Gabrielle Stebbins, the recently appointed Executive Director of Renewable Vermont, welcomed attendees to the 10th anniversary REV conference this morning with thanks for their support in growing the organization from a few struggling companies 10 years ago, to a now thriving  organization with hundreds of companies and attendees.

Gabrielle introduced surprise guest, Congressman Peter Welch.  Rep. Welch  commented on the very different view of renewable energy in Vermont than what he is experiencing in Washington, where the Clean Air Act is being gutted and legislation removing mercury as a dangerous substance has recently passed.  Congressman Welch commended Vermonters for their commitment, saying he is proud to refer to Vermont’s reduced energy usage in his committee meetings.

In his final remark Rep. Welch promised to keep banging his head against the wall in Washington if Vermonters keep making gains in efficiency and sustainable energy production.

During the 2 day conference attendees have the option of extended installer training for solar inverters and solar hot water, or many other sessions that cover renewable energy.  Topics range from Marketing tools for renewable energy businesses to geothermal heating, net metering, town energy committees, demystifying the smart grid, and many others.

Paul Fixx reporting for Green Energy Times from Burlington’s Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center

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