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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Bradford Elementary

Last September, when VT Law School professor Patrick Parenteau agreed to be the Keynote Speaker at the Local Energy Alternatives Festival (LEAF) in Bradford , he specified one condition –  that his normal speaking engagement fee be donated to a student-designed project that would make a positive change.

The Energy Committee of the Bradford Conservation Commission (BCC), which sponsored LEAF, then partnered with the Kids’ Connect Program of Bradford Elementary School (BES) to offer a “Green Challenge” :

Design or demonstrate a way for your home, the school or the Bradford Community to be more green.

Guidelines for this student-driven project included writing a proposal, researching the specific issue and providing visual models. Fourth grade winners of the Challenge, Isabelle Yelle and Maria Reger, were presented with the $250 award last week at BES to fund their project aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags. They will design and order reusable bags to be given to each BES family at the first school-wide gathering in the Fall.

Ms. Dubuque’s second grade class’s “Straw Project”, aimed at reducing the use of plastic straws in area restaurants, and the “Support Green-Up Day” project completed by Emma Parkin, also received Honorable Mention.

Bill McKibben, world renowned author and climate change activist, will be the Keynote Speaker for the September 17, 2011 LEAF (changed to Local Energy & Agriculture Festival). McKibben has also stipulated that his usual fee be used to challenge youth in Bradford to create a positive environmental change in the community.

BCC’s Energy Committee Chair, Ed Wendell said, “We’re really excited to have Bill McKibben’s participation in our 2011 LEAF, and especially pleased that he’s offering this challenge gift to our young people.”

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