Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

VT’s Governor and Senator Sanders take a stance against Global Warming

We have many world problems going on: “National Debt, Wars… and then there is Global Warming”, Senator Bernie Sanders stated to the crowd or 1,500 gathered for the Moving Planet Event in Montpelier, VT on Saturday, Setpember 24th…  “None of these problems are going to mean anything to our kids and grandchildern … IF we don’t reverse Global Warming and get our Greenhouse Gas Emission under control…

Senator Bernie Sanders at’s Vermont “Moving Planet” event from Ben B on Vimeo.

Senator Bernie Sanders speech at Moving Planet Event in Montpelier, VT 9.24.11

At another point in his speech, the crowd roared with delight when he said that we ARE going to shut Vermont Yankee down.

Senator Sanders followed an assurance from Governor Shumlin that he will fight against the Tar Sands…

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